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Good Finance, one of the most popular housing savings funds, today announced a new promotion. You can earn up to $ 25,000 on this promotion by signing a savings contract now for a home.

A deposit is now virtually three at Good Finance with the Triple Bonus Action, which runs from today until July 17th.

What is Good Finance’s new promotion all about?


With the Triple Bonus, Good Finance will credit you twice the amount of your monthly deposit, which you can use for housing purposes later. That is, with a monthly deposit of $ 50 you can spend an additional $ 200 on a home. If you choose a deposit of 40,000 forints, you can get 80,000 forints. The bonus is managed separately by Good Finance and is not subject to any deposit interest or government support.

The bonus is available to individuals and condominiums for 8 and 10 year olds.

What are the terms of the promotion?

What are the terms of the promotion?

To earn the bonus, you must sign up for a term of at least 8 years and make a regular savings of at least 19,900 HUF.

Not to forget

  • You still have to pay the account opening fee, which is 1 percent of the contract amount, which is 76,500 HUF for a 10-year term.
  • The contract must be kept for credit and you cannot reduce the maturity or deposit to a minimum.
  • The amount must be paid out within 12 years of the start of the savings.
  • A contract with a share is not eligible for the promotion.
  • Don’t be tempted by the $ 25,000 bonus: With a $ 200 deposit, there is no increase in the $ 20,000 in government support. If you have a close relative, you might want to open an account for $ 50 and double the bonus, including state support.

What good is the bonus?


With Good Finance’s new promotion, you can drop back a portion of the account opening fee, giving you a refund of $ 40,000 out of $ 76,500 (10-year term). What’s interesting about the bonus is that it does not increase the contract amount, as the home savings fund takes it out of the home loan portion of the contract amount and adds it to the savings portion. 

If you are planning to save for a long-term home, anyway, you may want to take advantage of the Good Finance Triple Bonus, which gives you 30% government support for 10 years, plus a fixed return on your money of over 4%.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, get started with the Good Finance Home Fund now and spend up to $ 7,650,000!

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